What You Need To Know About Taxes

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Feb 09 2019


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Before You File Your Taxes Ask Yourself the Following Question

Ask Your Self These Questions

• Do you want the largest refund you can get?
• Do you know how your taxes are calculated?
• Do you know all 475 Bus. & Personal Deductions
• Do you know what tax credits apply to you?
• Are you claiming the correct with holdings?
• Do you know the current 2019 tax changes?
• Are you telling your tax prepare the right things?
• Is your tax preparer asking you the right questions?
• Is your tax preparer using legal loopholes to get
you the biggest refund or reducing your liability?


During tax season there are two type of people happy and un-happy!
At Empowering Success Now we know tax time can be a stressful time
and want everyone to be the happiest they can be!! That’s why we
partnered with the honorable Tax expert Dr. Larry Thornton to educate
you on the tips and tricks of taxes, all that goes into getting the biggest
refund, reducing tax liabilities and increasing your knowledge about
personal and business taxes. Dr. Larry Thornton prepares taxes and
provides complete personal & business tax planning for small, medium
and multi-million dollar companies. He specializes in business accounting, business formation, taxation, tax amendments and reinstating corporations into good standing. You will not want to miss this!

Topics Include

1. Getting the largest refund
2. Using a tax organizer
3. Ways to reduce your tax liability
4. Taxes for Corporations & LLC’s
5. Taxes for Sole Props & Partnerships
6. Tax saving credits and loopholes
7. Itemized or standard deductions
8. Amendment of Tax Returns
9. Claiming the correct withholdings
10.The importance of tax planning
11.Answering all of your questions
12. And Much More!

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